The Road to 1984 began in 1776


The Answer to 1776 is 2136

Paired Cycles of enmity and conflict:

1833 - 1861

1917 - 1945

1973 - 2001

2001 - 2029?

2029 - 2057? Wernher Von Braun


The Bad...

The Hitler cycle:

1889 - 1945

The Good...

The Honey Radiance Cycle:

2085 - 2141

The American Revolution

One Year = One Degree. 360 Degrees in total for one revolution. In one revolution, you go from your starting point of tyranny and go full circle back to the tyranny you started at. Example: North Korea, a Communist Heriditary Monarchy. America is no different, except that here it takes longer, and our starting and ending points are different than Korea's.

1776 + 360 Years = 2136

1781, Articles of Confederation + 360 = 2141

1781 + 180 degrees = 1961. Kennedy comes into office. 1962: "We choose to go to the Moon! Feminism, Civil Rights, and Gay rights begins its final push to bring America to the apex of freedom in 1976. The 180-degree Half Revolution is about to complete.

1981: Ronald Reagan comes into office, riding on a wave of power from conservative think tanks who'd been planning the dismantling of the freedoms of 1976. America now turns back, and the hour hand swings back down toward tyranny. 1980's, 1990's: Prison as a private business takes off in the War On Drugs, spending is increased greatly for military adventures abroad, America goes into debt like never before. Many of the gains of the civil rights era are reversed, and ...

Soon... that landmark court decision which said that corporations can patent life itself nails down one of the first major milestones of the road back to tyranny.

Black incomes and earning power falls greatly, behind that of Whites, and Blacks are incarcerated by the millions. 1990's: The Bell Curve, financed by the Pioneer Fund and the Council For National Policy, sets the stage for future bogus arguments about one race being genetically superior to another. 2000's: Arguments about race continue to be popularized, culminating in the Neanderthal Campaign.

In the Neanderthal Campaign, propaganda pushes the supposed superior intelligence of Neanderthals, reversing earlier popular conceptions of Neanderthals. This is used to argue that non-blacks, supposedly having Neanderthal DNA, are somehow smarter than Blacks. Just another lie pushing the hour hand back down toward racial hierarchy and slavery. "Piltdown Man" is resurrected in popular culture, albeit in its new form, Kennewick Man. But this cultivates the kind of mindset that humans will one day employ in their war of aggression against extraterrestrial species. Neo-Racism fertilizes the ground for Specism which will be important later for the purposes of expanding the Empire into space. 2011: The Pope issues his papal bull saying that aliens can be evangelized, mirroring the Dum Diversas papal bull put out in 1452 in anticipation of the crusade that many call the transatlantic slave trade, or maafa.

But the biggest rift in the 21st Century West occurs over Immigration. Immigration is to the 21st Century what Slavery was to the 19th, being the issue that drives wedges between Left and Right.

2029-2057: Civil War in Europe and USA begins as Nationalist and Nativist factions rebel against what they see as the "dominant order." White Nationalist Separatists, seeking their own ethnostates, form terrorist cells and militias to oppose the US and EU governments as non-state actors. Meanwhile, the militant elements of other ethnicities: Black and Latino Nationalists, form alliances with the White Nationalists in seeking their own enclaves of ethnic separatism. And ethno-nationalist cells in deiverse places forge links and realize common cause. What ensues is a fracturing of the globe between Allies and Axis. Allies generally fight for things such as ethnic tolerance, LGBTQ rights, inclusion, civil rights, interracial dating, and other progressive causes. Axis fight for a traditionalist society based on ethnic separatism and traditional gender roles. The Allied Union tries to keep the globe from splintering as the Confederate Axis spreads mayhem and terrorism. Cities burn as urban warfare turns metropolitan areas into battlegrounds. But order doesn't disintegrate everywhere at once. Clashes are episodic. As soon as one fire gets put out, restoring order to one area, another fire starts up somewhere else. Alliances shift constantly: one minute, a faction might be a friend, the next an enemy. For example, one year two White Nationalists might fight side by side. But the next, they split along lines such as Christian Identity vs Nordic NeoPaganism. Similarly, Black militants may split between Hebrew Israelites vs Afrocentric Egyptologists. Allied groups turn on each other almost as frequently as Axis ones do. Trotskyists who stand side by side with Neo-Leninists may break ranks as their respective ideologies clash. Though some may characterize these conflicts as "race wars," in the end they are focused more on ideology than anything, with economic issues as the prime driving force as usual. Opportunists are everywhere, as demagogues exploit grievances for their own gain. Eventually, analysts and historians dub this period "World War III" and come to realize that civil wars have merged into a global conflict characterized by instability.

2029-2057 A group of wealthy billionaires, bureaucrats, and officials meet in secret and form a secret society called The Space Consortium. They work behind the scenes to restore the Union and spread the Human empire into space.

2057 A small asteroid strikes Guatemala City and the death toll is in the millions. Secretly, this was planned and engineered by the Space Consortium, who, with black budget space programs, steer this asteroid into impact with Earth. They do this to strike fear of Near Earth Objects into the factions fighting around the world, in order to unite them against a "common threat." This fulfills Werhner Von Braun's prophecy that Asteroids will be the next manufactured threat after Terrorism and Rogue Nations. As far as the public is told, this asteroid impact was purely accidental, a random Act of Nature. Consequently, the various factions fighting gather together at Geneva for a Peace Accord and the fighting ends in a surrender by the Axis (the Allies had been winning lately anyway, but the Space Consortium wanted to hasten the end of the war). This Asteroid Impact was to the Third World War what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts were to the Second: the climactic conclusion to hostilities.

What comes out of this agreement is a new bipolar world order consisting of Northern nations, with America in leadership, followed by the EU, on one side, and Southern Nations on the other side. Several African nations, particularly Congo and Nigeria, become new superpowers and centers of affluence and wealth, as well as India, and these three nations lead the Southern Union. Several Arab nations also continue to be affluent and influential in this new union. The United States ceases to exist and is reorganized into the Republic of the Americas, or RA. RA consists of Canada, the former US, and Mexico, and extends all the way to the Isthmus of Panama. South American nations either align with the Southern Union or the AR/RA (RA is also calld American Republic in English) Cold war politics and conflict dominates the scene in South America as the Southern Union and the AR compete for bilateral agreements. Trade wars ensue. At the same time, the Southern Union and the AR compete in one other important area: Space Colonization. In several decades, colonies on Mars are established as the AR and SU partition the planet between respective spheres of influence. Hoagland, Mars, becomes the biggest American borough on the Red Planet, located near Cydonia, the site of Richard C. Hoagland's "Mars Face." Thus, the city is so-named after the man who popularized the Mars Face.

2085: Liza Welch, the woman who will one day become Honey Radiance, is born. She is born outside Miami to a Black American father of West African Diaspora ancestry, and a Sudanese American mother of Nuer ancestry. Mary, her mother, is a descendant of Sudanese refugees who immigrated to America during the South Sudanese conflicts of the early 21st century.

2105: Liza Welch joins the Interstellar Church of the Rapture, an organization who develops the first drive capable of Interstellar travel at light speed. A habitable planet is discovered in the Alpha Centuari System. The Church of the Rapture makes it their goal to settle this world as their New Earth, prophesied in the Bible. "The Promised World" causes a buzz of excitement in the church. Liza joins the mission as an exobiologist, one of 12 astronauts, the first to set foot outside Earth's solar system.

2111: Starship Caleb reaches Alpha Centuari. Liza is excited to see thriving extraterrestrial cities, occupied by a frog-like species. The cities seem to be on a technological level similar to Renaissance Europe or Aztec-era Mesoamerica, with gigantic stone monuments, pyramids, aqueducts, causeways, and sailing blimps. But to her horror, a mushroom cloud suddenly consumes the city. Andy, the captain of Caleb, exuberantly boasts that he nuked this "monument to idolatry" using a thermonuclear device that Liza wasn't even told he had aboard the ship. After Liza stands up against Andy and denounces him for this action, he has her confined to her quarters. But she escapes through a crawlspace around the spaceship's hull. She accidentally stumbles into Andy's secret command room, where she finds five other nuclear devices he has earmarked for the destruction of five more alien cities. Using her headset and hacking into Andy's ancient military grade laptop, Liza remotely pilots the five nukes into space. In space, she detonates all the nukes, spending them all before Andy could use them to kill any more innocents. Andy storms into the room, furious, and attempts to kill Liza. Liza escapes through a nuclear drone launch port and Andy chases her outside. Yet when Andy is unsuccessful in catching up to her, he goes back to the starship and pilots it away, leaving Liza alone and stranded on the alien world. It will take five years for Andy to get back home and then another five years before the next wave of starships can get back to the Alpha Centuari system. Thus, Liza has no hope of seeing another human for ten years. Andy thinks she will be as good as dead.

2111-2121: Liza Welch survives by eating wild plants and guided by the ghost of her mother. During the course of this time, she develops friendships with the frog-like natives, who call themselves Quepas. The Quepas name her "Honey Radiance," or "The Light Brighter than the Major Sun," after the Atomic Light from which she came. They ascribe to her magical powers. Fearing her because they think she dropped the bomb, they worship her and elevate her to the status of queen. She is said to fulfill a Quepa prophecy of a goddess returning, much as some Aztecs thought of Hernan Cortez as the fulfillment of their prophecy of Quetzalcoatl.

Honey Radiance uses her power as queen of Quepa society to organize the Quepas to resist the imminent human invasion. She uses the most of her abilities during the ten years to teach them as much as she knows of human science. She knows they would not stand a chance against Earth's genocidal plans with their current technology.

2121: Human settlers arrive on Quepan, just as Honey Radiance expected. Though she and the Quepas put up a good fight against the Human invaders, they still are no match for automatic drones, self-replicating killer robots, and lasers. The struggle Honey Radiance wages against the human invaders is analogous to the struggle the Viet Cong waged against the more well-equipped US army over a century earlier. What ensues is a decades-long guerrilla conflict, with Honey Radiance and her Quepas taking human hostages or recruiting human allies and holding out in the jungles, mountains, and caves. Honey Radiance wages a military campaign based on Attack and Retreat, attempting to wear out the enemy and tire them. She proves to be as excellent in military strategy as some of history's best guerrilla leaders, from Che Guevara to Ho Chi Minh. Because the Church of the Rapture begins losing battle after battle on the front, they have to call in the American Military as advisers. Thus, America enters into a low-intensity conflict in the jungles of Planet Santee (New Earth).)

Though it takes four and a half years, traveling at near light speed, for a typical Earth starship to reach Alpha Centuari, the Church builds a wormhole that allows instantaneous transport between the systems. They do this by placing one mouth of a microscopic wormhole aboard a starship, transporting it to its destination, and then expanding both ends of this wormhole into a macroscopic size so that Humans and supplies can be ferried back and forth. They call this wormhole The Space Hoop. It becomes the objective of both the AR Military and their Church allies to defend this Space Hoop at all costs; should a terrorist action or a Southern Union action destroy the machine maintaining the stargate, instant travel would be cut off and it would take another 4.5 years to reestablish contact between worlds again. Thus, the Space Hoop is of enormous importance, strategically.

Humans sell themselves into debt in order to finance the genetic reprogramming of their dna in order to live on other planets, resurrecting indentured servitude in a high-tech form. Many people join the Interstellar Church of the Rapture in the first place so that they can get a ticket out of Earth. They are fleeing Earth's poverty and lack of opportunity. Earth: a planet where a few billionaires rule and practically everyone else lives in abject poverty, is a Dickensian Dystopia. But the Church of the Rapture, like Cotton Mather and the Puritans before them, enacts its own tyranny over the colonies and works closely with the very AR government that people have escaped from. Thus, many Humans defect over to Honey Radiance's side and would rather live as outlaws among extraterrestrials than under the tyranny of Human society.

2136: Relations between the Church of the Rapture and the American Government, who have been allies in the war against Honey Radiance, begin to sour. The Government passes an Anti-Discrimination Law which extends to colony worlds. This law, in effect, would force the Church of the Rapture to accept non-members of its church, which is considered to be a breach of sacred space. As the Bible foretold of the New Jerusalem: No one who is impure will enter it, only members of the Church of the Rapture have hitherto been allowed to settle as permanent civilian residents of the new planet. With its patent on the drive that enables Interstellar Travel, the Church has pretty much acted as the gatekeeper to the stars.

RA returns to Heaven. Republica De Los Americas comes to clamp down on the space colony, the very Church that they rallied to help in its fight against the aliens. The Government of the AR destroys New Jerusalem, the Church's capital city, by hijacking the Church's own laser cannon. Then, the AR prepares for the final assault on Honey Radiance and the Quepas..

The American Revolution has completed its cycle, and now RA is sending the Red Coats

Honey Radiance wins the battle and destroys the Space Hoop. The war ends with her victorious. Surviving members of the Church of the Rapture, who live in outlying communities, surrender to Honey Radiance and join the new society. Quepan has at last gained its independence. She steps down as Queen and the first elections are held in a new Republic of Quepan. Human settlers and Quepas work to build this republic together.

2150: Earth tries to retake Quepan in a War of 1812-like maneuver, showing up with new ships having warp-drive capability and able to travel to Quepan in the space of a few weeks rather than four years. But Quepan repels the invaders. Then, Quepan counterattacks. Using new warp-drive capability, Quepan then invades and occupies Earth, crushing the AR government.

Like Occupied Japan and Germany before it, Occupied Earth is reconstructed by Honey Radiance, the Quepas, and their Human friends. Though Honey Radiance no longer leads the planet politically, she serves as an important advisor and oracle of sorts, whom both Humans and Quepas look to for wisdom and guidance. Unofficially, she still leads society. Honey Radiance suggests a Marshall-Plan-like reconstruction of Old Earth, restoring it to freedom and liberty and prosperity. With Earth's genocidal and greedy corporate leadership deposed, most of Earth's inhabitants begin to experience a life of freedom and prosperity like never before. All of Earth's nations are abolished, and replaced by a global confederation of semi-autonomous city states, all obedient to a Bill of Rights guaranteeing liberties for every individual. Honey Radiance not only has become the liberator of Quepan, but also of Earth. Earth can now be considered eligible to join the Interstellar Community.

2063: Suddenly, a massive fleet of starships of a great variety and shape, containing a vast array of different species, arrives on Earth. The strange visitors announce that Earth has now earned its right to enjoy the greater benefits of the Interstellar Federation of Starfaring Species. Though Earth's participation will proceed at a probationary status, the aliens assure both Earth and Quepan that they will become great members of this larger community. As a result, Earth will eventually acquire benefits they could never have dreamed of, as well as new responsibilities.

Honey Radiance survives to 2250, reaching the age of 165 years. She spends her latter years as a mystic who lives in a cave at the foot of Quepan's largest mountain chain. She practices constant meditation. Pilgrims from both Earth and Quepan come to see her and seek her wisdom.


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