The Road to 1984 began in 1776


The Answer to 1776 is 2136

Paired Cycles of enmity and conflict:

1833 - 1861

1917 - 1945

1973 - 2001

2001 - 2029?

2029 - 2057? Wernher Von Braun


The Bad...

The Hitler cycle:

1889 - 1945

The Good...

The Honey Radiance Cycle:

2085 - 2141

The American Revolution

One Year = One Degree. 360 Degrees in total for one revolution. In one revolution, you go from your starting point of tyranny and go full circle back to the tyranny you started at. Example: North Korea, a Communist Heriditary Monarchy. America is no different, except that here it takes longer, and our starting and ending points are different than Korea's.

1776 + 360 Years = 2136

1781, Articles of Confederation + 360 = 2141

1781 + 180 degrees = 1961. Kennedy comes into office. 1962: "We choose to go to the Moon! Feminism, Civil Rights, and Gay rights begins its final push to bring America to the apex of freedom in 1976. The 180-degree Half Revolution is about to complete.

1981: Ronald Reagan comes into office, riding on a wave of power from conservative think tanks who'd been planning the dismantling of the freedoms of 1976. America now turns back, and the hour hand swings back down toward tyranny. 1980's, 1990's: Prison as a private business takes off in the War On Drugs, spending is increased greatly for military adventures abroad, America goes into debt like never before. Many of the gains of the civil rights era are reversed, and ...

Soon... that landmark court decision which said that corporations can patent life itself nails down one of the first major milestones of the road back to tyranny.

Black incomes and earning power falls greatly, behind that of Whites, and Blacks are incarcerated by the millions. 1990's: The Bell Curve, financed by the Pioneer Fund and the Council For National Policy, sets the stage for future bogus arguments about one race being genetically superior to another. 2000's: Arguments about race continue to be popularized, culminating in the Neanderthal Campaign.

In the Neanderthal Campaign, propaganda pushes the supposed superior intelligence of Neanderthals, reversing earlier popular conceptions of Neanderthals. This is used to argue that non-blacks, supposedly having Neanderthal DNA, are somehow smarter than Blacks. Just another lie pushing the hour hand back down toward racial hierarchy and slavery. "Piltdown Man" is resurrected in popular culture, albeit in its new form, Kennewick Man. But this cultivates the kind of mindset that humans will one day employ in their war of aggression against extraterrestrial species. Neo-Racism fertilizes the ground for Specism which will be important later for the purposes of expanding the Empire into space. 2011: The Pope issues his papal bull saying that aliens can be evangelized, mirroring the Dum Diversas papal bull put out in 1452 in anticipation of the crusade that many call the transatlantic slave trade, or maafa.


RA returns to Heaven. Republica De Los Americas comes to clamp down on the space colony

Humans selling themselves into debt in order to finance the genetic reprogramming of their dna in order to live on other planets, techno-indentured servitude

The American Revolution has completed its cycle, and now RA is sending the Red Coats

2141: Honey Radiance's war against the American Republic (RA) ends with her victorious, the colony has gained its independence, and the New America is born


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